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We Care About Your Home

Here at Jensen Security, we provide customers in Peterborough with competitively priced home security system installation. We can guarantee our home alarms off the best security for your home – alerting you, the homeowner, your neighbours and even the police of trespassers.

This is why we recommend our home security alarms for all homeowners in Peterborough. A small price to pay to ensure you and your families safely.

Jensen Van in front of house with Jensen Alarm
Burglar Alarm on Cottage

Our Priority is Your Satisfaction

We are proud to offer competitive prices for professional installation and high-quality home security alarms. Moreover, our expert engineers have acquired many years of experience since we began in 1975 – dealing with the installation and maintenance of residential alarms. As a result, our team ensure that our customers receive the best standards of safety.

Jensen Security carries out intruder alarm installations throughout the Peterborough area, fitting both domestic and commercial alarms.

Additionally, we understand every home is different, therefore we provide a professional consultation before any project goes ahead. This is all so we can provide the best protection for you and your home.

The best in Home Security

Our home security alarms are designed to provide a piercing sound, alerting the household and fellow neighbours when it detects a break in.

We proudly offer our customers the best service, making sure that our clients are 100% satisfied. Our engineers recognise any maintenance on a home can be distributive. That’s why we perform timely installations while still ensuring exceptional customer service.

Also, home security alarms are essential for both your safety and protection for your home. A visible domestic alarm is a useful deterrent. Keeping away criminals and reducing the chance of your household becoming a victim.

If live in Peterborough and you’re interested in having an intruder alarm installed into your home security system, contact Jensen Security. We are more than happy to help. Get yourself, and your home the best protection.

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