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Our Standard Range of Security Systems and Intruder Alarms Have Been Shown to Deter Criminals, Don't be Left out, Call Us On 01733 391 888

If you are looking for a range of security alarms that will deter criminals and protect your business; you’ve come to the right place! Here at Jensen Security our visible alarms and security products will make criminals think twice before attempting to force entry into your business. The sounding of the alarm and / or notifying a remote centre when entry has been forced into your business will help ensure less damage is caused and the chance of catching the criminals is increased.

Our business security specialists can help protect your business with our standard business security solutions. We will help ensure that your business premises, stock and any equipment are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know that your business is important. That’s why protecting your business is a high priority for us. Our business security specialists will take the time to understand your business, premises, products or services and security needs. They will then work with you to create the ideal standard business security solutions for you, your business and your budget.

Our team will create a standard business intruder alarm system that will meet your exact requirements. As well as deterring intruders, it will detect intruders and inform you or a central point if a forced intrusion is taking place. All of out intruder alarm systems meet the latest industry standards and will significantly decrease the risk of your business being entered illegally.

Simple To Use Audible Only Intruder Alarm System

Our audio only intruder alarm system is ideal for small businesses premises, and also domestic properties. These standard business security intruder alarms are cost effective and have been proven to be an extremely strong deterrent in the fight against crime. Here at Jensen Security we have a wide range of audible intruder alarm systems that will suit your security needs and protect your business. We install the right alarm for you, in ensure your intruder alarm keeps you and your business safe.

Automated Dialling Systems

Another standard business security solution intruder alarm we offer are the automated dialling systems. Our automated dialling systems include an intruder alarm. They also automatically dial a pre-set number to alert others of forced entry into the business or the presence of an unwanted person or persons in your business premises. These automated dialling systems and intruder alarms ensure you can have a quick response in the event of illegal entry to your business.

Our business security specialists know that your business is your livelihood. This is why we are here to determine the exact standard business security solutions you need to meet your specific security and business needs. Want to protect and secure your business? Call our team now.

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