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Intruder Alarms for Home and Business Security

Jensen Security And Fire Systems

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Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we provide and wide range of security solutions and safety options for homes and businesses in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties. Our security equipment is specifically designed to give the user peace of mind that their property is safe and secure, wherever they are, at any time.

We will install intruder alarms around your business property or home. We will make sure these are clear and visible. This is because visible intruder alarms have bee proven to act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Due to this, visible intruder alarms on homes and businesses are proven to significantly reduce the risk of your home or business becoming a target to local thieves and burglars.

Not only will the sight of an intruder alarm in Cambridgeshire deter a criminal, if the criminal decides to try and force entry into your home or business a loud alert will signal. This bell will warn your keypad, any local neighbours and the police, if this is the intruder alarm up-grade you have chosen. The loud alarm will be heard clearly by the criminal and often they will run, for fear of being caught. Normally, the criminal will leave quickly, taking nothing with them in their rush to get away.

Why Install An Intruder Alarm At Home?

If you are away from home at work all day, staying away at weekends or enjoy holidays, then we would highly recommend an intruder alarm for your home. It is an effective crime deterrent, reducing the likelihood of someone forcing entry to your home. Then, if they do force entry into your home, you will know immediately. You can choose the level of security offered by your home intruder alarm. This could be a loud alarm, alert to your phone or immediate contact with the police for example.

We will take the time to assess you, your family and your home before recommending the best intruder alarm for your home and the right security level needed. As our customer, you are our priority. Our home intruder alarm specialists will ensure you that you, your family and your home are safe and protected, wherever you are and whatever time of the day or night.

Why Install An Intruder Alarm For Business?

If you close the business each day, the office is empty at weekends or your business premises is left vacant for hours or days at a time, we recommend an intruder alarm to protect your business. Our business security experts will review your business, location, current security and items within the business to recommend the right intruder alarm for your business.

Our intruder alarm installers will work around you to minimise disruption to the business. We can install your intruder alarm during the day, during the weekends or in the evening. This is because we value our clients, their business and the safety of the business and their staff members. We can install a high-grade security intruder alarm which will immediately alert the police if forced entry takes place, if this is the level of service your business needs.

Intruder Alarm Installation Peterborough

Regardless if you need an intruder alarm for your home or business in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire or surrounding counties, we can help. Our intruder alarm specialists will install the best intruder alarm system for you. We have a wide range of intruder alarms including wired and wire-free systems, right through to audible only systems and much more.

Contact our intruder alarm team now to find out more.

Home Security

Experience has informed us that security systems should be designed, carefully installed and regularly maintained.

Business Solutions

The ever-increasing demand for business security solutions in all industries has given Jensen Security & Fire Systems

Standard Business Solutions

Our audible only systems are suitable for domestic and smaller premises. They are cost-effective, easy to install and prove a valuable asset.

Ultimate Security Options

As a single intruder alarm system, our dual path signalling is the latest and most advantageous system to use. Therefore, you can guarantee the best protection 24 hours a day.

Fully Integrated Systems

We provide CCTV, fire alarm, door access and intruder alarms within one system and within one control centre.