Intruder Alarms for Home and Business Security

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Jensen Security and Fire Systems provide a range of security options for homes and businesses in Peterborough. Our equipment is specifically designed to give you peace of mind, no matter where you are, that you will be informed of unlawful access.

Visible intruder alarms have been statistically proven to reduce the risk of your home becoming a target, acting a deterrent to criminals. That’s why we recommend installing intruder alarms.

Our intruder alarms will produce a loud alert when they detect a forced entry on your property. The bell will additionally warn your neighbourhood, your keypad, your phone or the police depending on the upgrade you have.


Why should you install an intruder alarm?


If you are ever away from home – an intruder alarm is an effective crime deterrent. Not only will it reduce the likelihood of a criminal trying to break into your property – if they do – you will be notified immediately.

We grade our installations between 1-4, this giving you an indication of the level of security provided. Furthermore, our team carry out a flexible service so we can work around a time that suits you.

We value our customers, viewing them as a priority. That’s why we offer you our intruder alarms at a competitive price. Making sure all our customers achieve the best safety.

Moreover, if you are unsure about what intruder alarm system would be most suitable for your home, we can help. Our experts have been gained a vast amount of knowledge over the years and are fully qualified to take on any jobs and guide you. We can provide advice on what they think would be most suitable for your requirements.

Intruder Alarm Installation Peterborough

Regardless if you need home or business security, Jensen can install the best intruder alarm for you. We have a wide range of products from wired & wire free alarms to audible only systems plus more! Take a look at our other intruder alarm pages for more information

Alarm box keypad

Home Security

Experience has informed us that security systems should be designed, carefully installed and regularly maintained.

Business Solutions

The ever-increasing demand for business security solutions in all industries has given Jensen Security & Fire Systems

Standard Business Solutions

Our audible only systems are suitable for domestic and smaller premises. They are cost-effective, easy to install and prove a valuable asset.

Ultimate Security Options

As a single intruder alarm system, our dual path signalling is the latest and most advantageous system to use. Therefore, you can guarantee the best protection 24 hours a day.

Fully Integrated Systems

We provide CCTV, fire alarm, door access and intruder alarms within one system and within one control centre.