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5 Benefits Of A Fire Alarm Over Waking Watch

By March 7, 2022March 9th, 2022No Comments

5 Benefits Of A Fire Alarm Over Waking Watch

There are lots of benefits to a fire alarm system over a waking watch patrol. The key benefits of a fire alarm over waking watch are that fire alarm systems are cheaper, more effective at detecting a fire and better at raising an alarm in the event of a fire too.

In this blog post we go into more details about the 5 benefits of a fire alarm over the waking watch patrols.

  1. Quick To Install

One of the great things about a fire alarm system is that it is quick to install and easily customisable too. We can install a full fire alarm system at a time that suits you and those in the building. This will be done with minimal disruption and quicker than you might expect. The fire alarms will be wireless too. This means that they can be moved or removed once the buildings fireproofing issues have been addressed.

  1. Faster Fire Detection

Waking watch is reliant on one person seeing the fire. They then have just 15 minutes to make everyone in the building aware so that they can safely evacuate. This means that there is a huge margin for error, which could result in serious injury or fatality. A fire alarm will automatically detect a fire and alert everyone in the building. No matter how good the people are that work as waking watch patrol people, they can not be as quick, thorough or alert as a fire alarm system.

  1. No False Alarms

Some people worry about fire alarms because they think they will result in false alarms. However, that isn’t the case. Our fire alarm systems use heat detectors and not smoke detectors. This means that the fire alarm won’t be set off by someone smoking, burnt bread in the toaster or an overly steamy shower. It is just the heat of a fire that will trigger a fire alarm system.

  1. A Fire Evacuation System

Dependent on the fire alarm system and the way in which it is installed, your fire alarm system can be repurposed as a fire evacuation system. The technology of a fire alarm is tailorable. This means that once the fire cladding and fire proofing issues have been resolved, the evacuation system will be in place to help everyone in the building leave safely in the case of a fire.

  1. It’s Under Warranty

Unlike your waking watch patrol, a fire alarm system is under warranty. It is normally a one-year warranty as standard. Many fire alarm installers will then extend this warranty when in a servicing and maintenance contract. This helps ensure that the fire alarm system is working to it’s potential at all times. In turn, this means you will have a fire alarm system you can rely on in care of an emergency.

Ready to move from the waking watch patrol to an effective and more affordable fire alarm system, call our team now.