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Access Control Area Identification

By January 17, 2023No Comments

Access Control Area Identification

Are you creating an access control strategy for your business premises? The starting point in this case should be to identify the areas that need to be secured and controlled. While some of the access control areas will be obvious, access control area identification could be trickier in other areas.

Below we share tips for guidance for access control area identification. These include the obvious access areas such as the main entrance to the building and car park barriers, right through to the less obvious door to the server room for example.

  • Main Entrance

The main entrance is where you will often have a reception area. Check-in can be automated in this area for employees and visitors must present required credentials.

  • Turnstiles

Turnstiles will often be located close to the main entrance of the building. They will work as an access control mechanism where no other form of check-in is available or required. Turnstiles can also be used on other floors or zones that need the extra level of security.

  • Car Park Entrance

Car parks for business premises will often be secured by a gate. However, there will sometimes be another form of barrier. This is in place to limit the access to authorised users and visitors only.

  • Elevators and Lifts

Some business premises chose to have access controls in place to manage the number of occupants. These are also in place to control access to certain floors or areas of the business.

  • Server Rooms

If you have server rooms within your business premises, the entrances to these need to be secured and protected. This can be done by only allowing authorised members of the team into those rooms or areas.


It’s important to note other areas that may be vulnerable to intrusion too when completing your access control area identification. These could be areas that represent a security risk. They could also be areas of the business where it is important that movement is managed. We have shared some of these access areas to consider below.

  • Vulnerable Areas

These vulnerable areas will include emergency exits for example. They also include windows or unsecured exterior doors. These are all areas of the business where intruders could enter your premises without being detected.

  • Areas With A Security Risk

There will be areas within your business premises that pose a security risk to the business. These could be areas like offices, storage units or meeting rooms for example. The areas within your business where confidential information is held are all areas with a security risk.

  • Areas To Manage Movement

If you have areas where there is a concern over movement and this movement needs managing, then access area controls are essential to avoid potential overcrowding and risk to customers and employees. These areas could include lifts, stairways, passages and elevators for example.


Need help completing access control area identification with your business premises? Contact our business security specialists now to find out how we can help you.