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Access Control Audio / Video Entry In Healthcare

By March 30, 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

Access Control Audio / Video Entry In Healthcare

To manage the security risks faced by hospitals and to ensure that the healthcare facilities are a protected atmosphere for patients, visitors and staff alike – access control systems must be installed. These can be access control via audio or voice entry. Access control technology is one of the most important components of any security system. It is essential to protect healthcare facilities and the staff, patients and visitors within them.

By utilising an access control system with audio and / or video entry, hospital security officials are able to breakdown the overwhelming size and number of rooms. This can then be something more manageable. You could then have role bases zones, for example. Access controls can be used for main entrances. It can also be used for internal entrances, exits and different parts of the healthcare facility. All methods of entering, leaving and getting around the healthcare facility can be monitored and managed with ease.

Larger healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, demand a strong security system. It needs to be able to withstand the large volumes of traffic generated throughout each day and night. This needs to be done without the disruption of critical functions. A traditional key based access control system will often fail in a location with this much activity. However, access control audio or video entry can be the perfect solution.

If there was to be an attempt of unauthorised entry or an emergency incident, access control enables you to lockdown part of all of the healthcare facility. This means the area and incident can be managed quickly, effectively and safely.

There are different areas of a large healthcare facility that require different restrictions. For example, a hallway or waiting room may require minimal access control. However, areas with sensitive materials such as narcotics and even sterile environments will need much stronger security. Access control audio and video entry not only protects the required areas in the healthcare facility, it also creates an audit trail in the case of a breach.

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