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Are You Making These Common Home Security Mistakes?

By March 6, 2019April 3rd, 2019No Comments

Are You Making These Common Home Security Mistakes?

A home is a person’s castle. Yet so many people seem to be lowering the draw bridge, leaving the main gates wide open and letting people in!

If you have invested in a home security system then this is a good thing, but if you are making some of these common mistakes then you may just have closed your main gates, but the drawbridge to your castle is still down, to let people in.

Below we have listed just some of the most common home security mistakes that people are making. How many of these home security mistakes are you making?

  1. Where Are Your Keys?

While it may seem like a good idea to have your keys hidden somewhere outside so if you get locked out you can get in, burglars will also look in these places for your keys.  If a burglar enters your property with a key, your home insurance is likely to become null and void.

  1. Window Shopping?

Many of us love a bit of window shopping when we are out in town, but guess what? Burglars love window shopping too! Burglars committing domestic crimes are often opportunists. They will walk down your street and look through windows. If they can see mobile phones, tablets, wallets and car keys on show in the home then you are giving them the perfect window shopping experience!

  1. Well Hidden?

While it’s a good idea to hide your valuables, you don’t want to hide your home. Those tall bushes around your home may be great privacy from neighbours, but they also give burglars the privacy they need to break into your home unseen. We are not suggesting you re-landscape your whole garden, but think about where home security systems could offer security in these areas.

  1. Social Media Addict?

It’s great that you are out and about so much, enjoying a weekend away at a friend’s or 2 weeks on holiday in the sun. While your friends may love seeing your updates, burglars will enjoy seeing them too. They’ll see you’re out and about, and that means your home is empty and offers free entry for them!

  1. Need The News?

If you get milk and newspapers delivered then make sure you cancel them if you’re going away. Post and milk piling up on your doorstep is like a welcome mat for potential burglars. It tells them that you are away right now and if they move quickly they can get in and out, before you come home.


Be honest now – how many of these common home security mistakes are you making?