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Burglary Stats in the UK

By August 13, 2019August 21st, 2019No Comments

Burglary Stats in the UK

Home and business owners tend to feel that their homes and businesses are safer from theft that they used to be. However this is sadly not the case. If anything crime is on the rise and this is the same for house burglaries and business theft too. This is what these burglary stats in the UK are showing us.

Reports of burglary stats show that there is an attempted burglary on a private property every 45 seconds. Every 76 seconds these house burglaries will be successful.

In 2011, as an example, there were 701,000 recorded burglaries to homes and businesses. Out of these 41% (293,000) tried but failed. However 59% (417,000) of these burglaries and to homes and businesses were successful. These resulted in property losses and damages to property.

The average cost of damage to a business premises or home is around £382. However the average cost of lost items and possessions in a house burglary is £2,040 per home.

Over 70% of house burglaries in the last year took place on homes that did not have a burglar alarm or intruder alarm.

Interestingly the burglary stats also show us that of all house burglaries that took place last year, 52% took place at the front of the property.

Below we have put together the top four most common causes of break-ins. These are as follows;

  1. Unsecured garage door – burglars will give your garage door a quick shake or shove. If it opens then you have made their life really easy.
  2. No security lighting – you’re giving potential thieves the cover of darkness that they love to complete burglaries in.
  3. No visible intruder alarms – potential thieves will have a quick look at your property. If they can’t see an intruder alarm they would prefer to break into your home than a neighbour’s home, where they can see an intruder alarm.
  4. Valuables of display – all it takes is a walk past your home or a look through the window and the potential thief can see what they need and how quickly they can get in and out of your property with it.


If you would help avoiding these common causes of break-ins, then please contact our home security specialists. Don’t let your home be added to the burglary stats in the UK.