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Business CCTV And Employee Rights

By October 13, 2023No Comments

Business CCTV And Employee Rights

We recently looked at the purpose of CCTV surveillance cameras withing a workplace. In addition to this we looked at how it effects employees and what they need to be told. This also included information about your CCTV policy and CCTV signage. In this blog post we would like to dive deeper into business security and employee rights.

When you install CCTV surveillance camera systems in your business, there are employee rights that you need to consider. Understanding employee rights with regards to CCTV use is crucial in creating a safe, fair and respectful work environment for everyone.

The primary rights that employees have when it comes to CCTV cameras within the business premises are as follows:

  • Employees Right To Information

All of the employees within your business have the right to be informed about the presence of CCTV. They should be told where the CCTV surveillance systems have been installed. You also need to inform employees of the purpose of the installation of CCTV cameras and their use.

  • Employees Right To Access Footage

Under GDPR rules and regulations, all individuals have the right to request any footage that they appear in. This comes under something called the Subject Access Request, also known as the SAR regulations. The request from the individual must be complied with within one month of the request being received.

  • Employees Right To Privacy

Employees have a right to privacy. This includes in the workplace. There will be certain areas of the business premises that should remain private and free from CCTV surveillance systems. These areas of the business include areas such as changing rooms and toilets for example.

  • Employees Right To Complain

All employees have the right to complain about the use of CCTV. If an employee believes that the use of CCTV within the business is not compliant with GGDPR regulations, they can complain. This is also the case is they believe that the CCTV surveillance is infringing on their rights. Employees have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO, also known as the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Need help managing the business CCTV surveillance requirements and employee rights within your workplace? Call our specialist business CCTV engineers now. They will happily answer any queries you have and offer advice where required.