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Business Security At Christmas

By November 6, 2019November 15th, 2019No Comments

Business Security At Christmas

Whether your business is closed for the Christmas holidays, or your business is open through the festive period – there are certain things you need to consider for good business security and Christmas. In this blog post we have put together a list of top tips for good business security this Christmas.

  1. During the festive period keep your business lit throughout the day and night. You need to double check that all security equipment you have is in good working condition. This includes things like intruder alarms, security lighting and internal as well as external CCTV cameras. These will help deter and detect any sign of crime over the festive period.
  2. Before closing the business over the Christmas period, even if you are only closing for one day, tidy up. We don’t mean a late / early spring clean. Instead we mean that you must ensure all and any valuables are kept safe, secure and out of sight.
  3. There may be skeleton staff members on over the festive period. Alternatively the office may be left empty which can lead to temptation to employees struggling financially over Christmas. We would recommend that you prevent employee theft by exercising precaution. Be careful who has access to the office, whether that is an intruder alarm code or office keys for example.
  4. Think about adverse weather planning. If you are running the business with minimal employees during the festive period think about security. If there is bad weather can the person with the alarm code get in, if not how can employees enter the business. The same goes for locking up, setting the intruder alarms or checking the CCTV camera footage.

If you are worried about your business security at Christmas and would like us to check it out for you, please give us a call. We have business security experts that can ensure you have the best level of business security at Christmas, and throughout the year.