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Can I Use A Regular Fire Extinguisher For An Electric Fire?

By February 27, 2023No Comments

Can I Use A Regular Fire Extinguisher For An Electric Fire?

If you see a fire that needs putting out, the first thing you will do is look for a fire extinguisher. This can then be used to tackle the fire. However, it depends on what started the fire and which fire extinguisher you opt for. For example, a water fire extinguisher on an electrical fire can cause a lot more harm than good. Our fire extinguisher specialists are often asked if you can use a regular fire extinguisher for an electric fire. That is the question we look at and answer in this blog post.

So, can you use a regular fire extinguisher on an electric fire?

Water fire extinguishers are often classed as ‘regular fire extinguishers’. They can be used on what are referred to as organic fires. An organic fire is a fire made from burning paper, wood or other textiles for example. However, this regular fire extinguisher is not ideal for all types of fire.

Water and electrics don’t mix. This means that a regular fire extinguisher cannot be used for an electric fire. You should never use a water-based fire extinguisher on an electrical fire. It also shouldn’t be used on a fire that involves flammable liquids either.

It’s important to remember that water is a conductor of fire. This means that if you spray water onto an electrical fire from a fire extinguisher, it is likely that you will put yourself at a very high risk of electrocution. Instead of using your regular fire extinguisher on an electric fire, you will need another fire extinguisher that is designed to put out electrical fires.

When you come across a fire, it is important that you choose the right fire extinguisher for the job. There will be different fire extinguishers within buildings. These have been selected based on the types of fires that are likely in the building, due to the fire sources.

It might feel like you are wasting time in an emergency, but you need to check the labels. This way you can ensure that you are using the right fire extinguisher to tackle the fire. It may be quicker to grab any fire extinguisher, but this could cause the fire to get worse or cause damage to you and others around you.

It is a legal requirement for commercial premises to have the right fire extinguishers. If you are not sure your commercial property has the right fire extinguishers, call our team now. We can also repair, replace, test and maintain for existing fire extinguishers for you. This way, if a fire was to take place, you know that your fire extinguishers are in good working order.