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CCTV In Education

CCTV surveillance cameras have become a major part of education. It is important that schools are able to observe the outside world to protect those within it. CCTV cameras are a key part of many schools’ security plans. It is also part of their school’s safeguarding. In recent years the school environment has changed. This has resulted in the need for CCTV security growing rapidly.

CCTV in education facilities can be used for many tasks. The most common role of CCTV is to protect the building and those within it from those outside. This could be vandals, thieves or more serious criminals.

However, CCTV can also be used for other purposes around the school. These purposes include monitoring student behaviour and reducing the risk of bullying in the school. They can also help with improving the learning environment, for example.

Further to this, there have been recent changes in the Ofsted guidelines. These highlight the importance of installing CCTV security cameras in schools. Ofsted states that appropriate arrangements must be taken to ensure the children’s and learners’ security. This Ofsted change to guidelines has left many schools reviewing their safeguarding and security plans.

It is vital that schools, colleges, nurseries and universities, along with other education facilities budget for and invest in CCTV camera installation, service and maintenance. By doing so an education premises will be able to help the school meet the newly updated Ofsted guidelines. It will also help the school to become a safer and more secure school for teachers and students alike.

Deploying and installing a CCTV system within your education premises will help keep your school secure and those within it safe. However, there are certain rules, regulations and guidelines of where CCTV surveillance cameras can and cannot be placed, along with what they can and cannot record.

Our experienced team of CCTV specialists for education will help you understand the CCTV camera you need and where you need them to best protect your school and those within it. By installing a high-quality CCTV surveillance system within your school, you will increase the level of safety and security within your school. This will give parents the peace of mind that their children are in a safe learning environment.