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Choosing A Fire Extinguisher For Your Small Domestic Property?

By November 5, 2023No Comments

Choosing A Fire Extinguisher For Your Small Domestic Property?

Choosing a fire extinguisher for your small domestic property can be unnerving. Afterall, you are placing the power to put out a small fire in your home, in your hands and within your reach. Having the right fire extinguisher in the right place within your small domestic property can ensure that you safely put out a small fire. However, the wrong fire extinguisher in your small domestic property could result in the fire become worse and more dangerous. Installing the fire extinguisher in the wrong place could also mean that you can’t get to it in case of an emergency.

This is why it is highly recommended that you work with an experienced fire safety specialist for small domestic properties. This means that you will have the peace of mind. You know you have the right fire extinguisher within reach if a fire was to break out.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we are well-known for our fire safety expertise. We install and maintain high-quality fire extinguishers into small domestic properties. This is because we want our customers to feel safe in their own homes. We want them to sleep soundly at night knowing they have the fire safety equipment they need in case of an emergency.

There are places within your home where we recommend that you need a fire extinguisher. However, every home is different as are the fire risks within the home. For example, if you have a garage or a workshop, we recommend that you have a fire extinguisher in this area of your small domestic property. One on every level of your home where people are sleeping is recommended too. Electrical fires are more common in the kitchen, so you may want a fire extinguisher in this room. It is not required legally but is highly recommended to protect your home and family. Remember, most fires in the home start in the kitchen. With the right fire extinguisher close to hand, the fire could end there too!

Need assistance choosing, purchasing, installing or maintaining the fire extinguishers within your small domestic property? Call our team of domestic fire extinguisher engineers now.