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Creating Safer Communities With Security And Fire Safety Systems In Housing Associations

Creating Safer Communities With Security And Fire Safety Systems In Housing Associations

The one thing that all housing association properties have in common is that that they are all different. This may be different sized properties or rooms for example. The properties may be of different ages with some older properties and some new-build properties, along with everything in between. The residents in the properties will be different too, and this means that they will have different needs, challenges and requirements.

However, if you are looking to create a safer community in your housing associations, then you need our security and fire safety systems. We can help you ensure that your properties are safe and secure for your residents. Our housing association security and fire safety team have many years of experience helping organisations just like yours.

We know the challenges that housing associations face when it comes to security and fire safety. There are time restraints, tight budgets and ever-changing regulations too. We keep on top of these security and fire safety regulations for you to ensure that you meet the required British Standards and government requirements.

When you choose to work with Jensen Security and Fire Systems for the security and fire safety needs in your housing associations, you are in safe hands. Our team have the expertise and experience to ensure that you comply with the Housing Act, the Fire Safety Order and the Building Safety Bill. As the regulations change or are updated, we will let you know. This means that you will always comply with these regulations and standards.

Our security and fire safety engineers understand the sensitivities of residents in housing associations. This is why they work with the utmost care, creating minimal disruption for those residents within your properties. All the while, they will ensure that the staff, residents and assets are protected, being kept safe and secure by the work they do.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can work with your housing association right from the beginning. This can be from consultation and planning, right through to scheduled servicing and maintenance. Alternatively, we can support you by maintaining existing security and fire safety systems in your housing association. These can then be repaired, replaced or maintained as required.

Call our team now to book a meeting. We can visit your housing association to complete a fire safety and security review. From this, we can understand your needs and make recommendations for improvements where / if needed.