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Do You Have Smoke Detectors In Your Large Domestic Property?

By October 5, 2023No Comments

Do You Have Smoke Detectors In Your Large Domestic Property?

Do you have domestic smoke detectors in your large domestic property? There are lots of different types of domestic smoke detectors for a large domestic property. Do you know if you have the right domestic smoke detector for your large property? Our domestic smoke detector specialists can help you ensure you have the right smoke detector for your home, your fire risks and your budget.

For example, there are ionisation smoke detectors for a large domestic property. An ionisation domestic smoke detector uses the oldest form of smoke detection. This means that they are very sensitive to smoke. This is especially the case for flaming fires such as burning paper for example. We recommend that ionisation domestic smoke detectors should be installed on the landings of a large domestic property.

There are also optical smoke alarms. This type of domestic smoke detector is designed to ‘see’ smoke. Therefore, they have a quick response rate to smouldering fires. They will also be less sensitive to false alarms. Optical smoke detectors are best placed near kitchens, in dining rooms or adjoining hallways for example.

You may want to consider a domestic wireless smoke alarm. These are also known as radio-interlinked smoke detectors. The key benefit of a wireless smoke detector in your large property is that individual smoke detectors can be linked together. This means that if a fire was to break out anywhere in your large home, everyone in the house would know about it.

Another popular domestic smoke detector for large domestic properties are multi-sensor smoke detectors. These types of smoke detectors combine different types of smoke detection sensor technologies. This reduces the risk of false alarms and strengthens the smoke detection and fire safety in your home.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we offer a large range of high-quality smoke detectors for large domestic properties. If you want a high level of fire protection for your home, and complete peace of mind, then speak to our smoke detector installers.