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Fire Safety

Do You Know How Often Fire Safety Training Should Be Completed?

By September 23, 2020No Comments

It is vital that your staff members have all the fire safety information. They need to feel and stay safe in the workplace. This is one reason why fire safety training is so important. How often do you think fire safety training should be completed in a business? And to follow up; when was the last time fire safety training was completed in your business, for your team?

Fire safety training should be completed and carried out with your staff members every 12 months. In some cases, additional fire safety will be required. We have listed the reasons that fire safety training should be completed more than once a year below.

  • If an incident occurs in your industry that subsequently impacts the safety procedures that you have in your business, additional fire safety training in your business would be recommended.
  • We would recommend additional fire safety training for your business if there were to be a significant change in your fire safety policy or evacuation procedure. For example, if the business moved premises or had an extension.
  • Have you invested in new fire safety equipment recently? If you have installed new fire safety equipment or upgraded your fire safety equipment, we would recommend new fire safety training. The new equipment could work differently so it is important staff member know how it works.
  • Do your team have the vital fire safety knowledge that they need. If you fear that members in your team are missing vital knowledge of fire safety in the workplace, additional fire safety could be ideal for them.

By consistently completing fire safety training in your business on an annual basis you know that your business is safe. You also know your employees are safe if there was to be a fire. By running additional fire safety training for the above reasons, you’ll know your team have the knowledge they need to stay safe in case of a fire.

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