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Do You Need A PTZ Security Camera To Protect Your Business?

By January 5, 2024January 22nd, 2024No Comments

Do You Need A PTZ Security Camera To Protect Your Business?

There are three main types of security cameras that are commonly used by our customers to protect their businesses. One of these is the PTZ camera. It’s a camera that has Pan, Tilt and Zoom functionalities. This is where the PTZ abbreviation came from; Pan Tilt and Zoom. In this blog post we look into what a PTZ security camera can do and why you may want it to protect your business.

As we have already touched on, what makes a PTZ security camera stand out is the fact it has the functionalities to pan, tilt and zoom. These functions are manually controlled by using monitoring software or a joystick. The PTZ security camera can be set up using camera management software. This means that a ‘tour’ can be conducted of the area of the business that you want secure and protected. These functions can then be controlled and monitored from a computer, monitoring centre, or even a smartphone.

PTZ security cameras are often used to protect a business with large outdoor commercial areas or for caravan sites and holiday park businesses.

The great thing about these CCTV security cameras is that the panning capabilities means that the user can rotate 360 degrees. This gives full monitor possibility at all angles.

Through the tilt function of the security camera, it enables the camera to go up and down. This means that the camera can offer your business a wide vertical range of coverage. The tilting of the camera means that you can get up to 180 degrees movement. This will help cover a wide variety of angles.

This security camera also offers the zoom. Through this function you can focus on certain areas of your business with more detail. As a user, you can zoom in on intruders’ faces for example. This will help you identify them and if they should be on the property. It also gives the police and courts evidence they need.

If you think that a PTZ security camera could be just what you need to protect your business, call our team now. Our CCTV specialists can talk to you about your business and security concerns. Based on this, they can recommend the best CCTV cameras for your needs, and the best locations for the cameras too.