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Do You Need CCTV For Your Business?

By February 10, 2021No Comments

Do You Need CCTV For Your Business?

When watching the news or hearing about the break-in of a neighbouring business, one thing you should ask yourself is; Do you need CCTV for your business?

Over the last decade there has been a rapid increase in cybercrime. This has resulted in business owners investing more to increase the security of their business. While cybercrime is a serious threat to any business, not all security threats are online. It’s important that you protect your assets physically as well as online.

CCTV is a very useful security tool and an effective way to protect your business.

While we are aware that it is almost impossible to protect your business from all possible eventualities, a CCTV camera will help provide that extra level of security.

Are you still wondering if you need CCTV for your business? Here are some ways that CCTV can help your business.

Increase Chance of Catching Criminals

While you may not be able to stop the crime happening, CCTV gives you the evidence needed to find the criminals and your belongings. The CCTV footage can be given to the relevant authorities to help catch the criminal and bring them to justice. The visible CCTV cameras will also work as a strong deterrent against opportunistic thieves.

Protection Against Liability

CCTV cameras will help protect your business from intruders. However, it will also protect your business against potential liability. If false claims are made against you or your business by staff or customers, you can the evidence to support your business. Insurance claims will also require investigation and video evidence. Your CCTV cameras has the evidence needed by the insurance companies.

Surveillance In Realtime

Our modern CCTV surveillance systems allow you to view your cameras and footage remotely. This can be viewed from a smartphone or mobile device. You can monitor your business at night, just as easily as during the day. This is because our latest technology CCTV security cameras offer good quality night vision.

Increase Staff Safety

CCTV cameras will help make your employees feel safe at work. Through installing CCTV cameras, you are showing your employees you are serious about their security and want them to feel safe. CCTV surveillance will also help you ensure your team adhere to health and safety measures and have a safe working environment.


Do you need CCTV for your business? From a simple CCTV camera set-up, right through to a complex set-up for larger business, we can help. Call our CCTV surveillance specialists now.