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Do Housing Associations Need Intruder Alarms?

By June 30, 2023No Comments

Do Housing Associations Need Intruder Alarms?

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have many years of experience of working in the social housing sector with local authorities and within housing associations. Within our fire safety and security products and services we offer housing associations, we all offer intruder alarms.

Intruder alarms in housing associations help to ensure properties are kept safe and secure for residents. It gives them the peace of mind that they are safe in their homes. It also helps avoid the risk of vandalism or theft from those outside the housing association properties.

We have many years of experience working with housing associations. This means that we understand the significant challenges that they face when it comes to protecting residents and keeping their budgets to a minimum. This is where our intruder alarm installation for housing associations can help.

Our housing association intruder alarm specialists will take the time to visit your premises and understand your needs. Based on this, they will recommend the best intruder alarm system for your needs. In addition to this, we can integrate the intruder alarm to other security systems within the housing association. This will help to better secure your premises while better protecting your residents and reducing the risk of theft or criminal activity.

There are a wide range of intruder alarms that can be used for housing associations. These include bell only alarm systems that are not monitored, as well as monitored intruder alarm systems. We can also install and maintain your wireless intruder alarm system, your auto dialler alarm or a self-monitored alarm. Our intruder alarm engineers can recommend the best intruder alarm for the unique needs of your housing association property and residents.

As an NSI approved intruder alarm installer, we can arrange for a police response to your alarm system. This means that when the intruder alarm in the housing association is triggered, the local police force or emergency services will be alerted.

If you are looking to have an intruder alarm installed or maintained, we can help. Call our intruder alarm engineers now.