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Dogsthorpe Infant School CCTV : supporting the safeguarding agenda in schools and protecting school property

By March 12, 2018No Comments


Jensen Security and Fire Systems have recently completed the installation of CCTV works in Dogsthorpe Infant School, Peterborough. External perimeter cameras were fitted around the school premises, in addition to an internal camera in the reception area. Works were carried out during the half term school holidays, providing minimal disruption to the overall running of the school.

The installation of a professional CCTV system in schools is becoming increasingly popular and provides a number of major benefits to educational environments and settings. Whilst the introduction of any surveillance systems into an environment with children can be quite an emotive subject, those schools that have CCTV state that the benefits far out-way any initial negative feelings that they might have had.

More and more school management and governance teams are opting to have CCTV systems installed in their premises, as safeguarding and protecting staff and pupils is their fundamental priority. CCTV is becoming the most in-demand method of managing and monitoring visitors in school and supports the safeguarding agenda. School staff often report they feel better protected and more secure working in the knowledge that CCTV is in operation- CCTV is perfect for preventing assaults and false claims of misconduct.  It can also be a very important tool when liaising with parents about the behaviour of their children. It’s a convenient safeguarding method and, when used correctly, can ensure staff, teachers and visitors to the school feel looked after.

CCTV systems are a great deterrent and preventative crime tool especially in discouraging vandalism and break ins.  Positioning cameras near staff car parking areas, storage sheds and out buildings is extremely effective in discouraging crime and ensuring property remains secure. Schools using CCTV often report that after installation, incidents of poor and anti-social behaviour drop dramatically.

The ability to look back over footage is of huge benefit to school management teams, while real-time footage of your CCTV system can also be viewed remotely, via laptop or tablet. Typically, CCTV footage in schools is only viewed by the senior leadership team to confirm who is responsible for an incident such as vandalism, bullying and so on. CCTV is also important for external incidences such as theft of expensive technology, bikes or damaging school property. CCTV has the capacity to capture crime and provide solid evidence if it sadly takes place. Increased detection – if your school is unfortunate enough to be a target of crime, vandalism or antisocial behaviour, there will be a strong chance of detection (and conviction if appropriate).

Becky Waters, head teacher of Dogsthorpe Infant School in Peterborough states,

‘Installing CCTV has been on our wish-list for a little while now and this year we found we were able to allocate the sufficient funds for this project. We believe that installing CCTV around the school further strengthens our safeguarding measures for pupils, parents, staff and visitors as well as offering a high level of security over our school site. We chose Jensen due to their professionalism right from the very first contact. They offered a competitive quote and gave us good advice about the positioning of the cameras. We have been able to install 8 external cameras as well as a dome camera in our front entrance. The team fitted the cameras over our half-term holiday to limit disruption to the school. They worked swifty to install the cameras within the time-scale agreed and they informed our Site Manager of progress every step of the way. Once the cameras were fitted, they then showed us the online footage being captured which allowed us to make any adjustments to camera angles. The team put up CCTV signs at the locations we identified with them. The service we received was first class and the professionalism of all Jensen staff involved assures us that we will receive a great level of service from them’.

In summary, CCTV gives the school an extra line of defence as well as priceless peace of mind. It makes complete sense to install one of our state-of-the-art systems. Contact us today for more information on 01733 391888