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Dry Riser Maintenance In The Public Sector

By October 26, 2022No Comments

In the event of a fire emergency, every second really does count. This is one reason why dry riser maintenance in public sector premises is essential. The dry riser inlet box is used by the firefighters. It enables them to gain fast water access to manage and put out the fire. By having the build in distribution system, known as a dry riser, the fire service is able to do their job quickly and efficiently.

The dry riser system can save firefighter’s valuable time. It means that they don’t have to create their own water distribution system. This time saved could make the difference between life and death, which is why dry riser maintenance in public sector buildings is so important. It means your dry riser can be relied upon in the case of a fire emergency.

If the fire service needs to deliver water to the upper floors of a large public sector building, the dry riser system must be working correctly. If the dry riser box fails, the consequences of this could be catastrophic to the building and those within it. This is why we offer a dry riser maintenance service to public sector buildings. This way, if the worst happens you know your dry riser can be relied upon.

Our dry riser maintenance service involves various maintenance and remedial repairs. These include replacing outlet washer, blanks caps and chains. We will also check and then repair or replace valves, along with replacing the lock and strap if necessary. We will check and can replace and repair hand wheel nuts and landing outlets. The inlet cabinet and door will be checked and repaired or replaced too. The inlet breeching valve(s) springs will be checked too, along with the rubbers. These can then be repaired and replaced if needed. Inlet and Outlet cabinet glass will be checked for safety too and can be repaired or replaced if required. We will also review the dry riser signage on all floors and supply new signage if required.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we provide a comprehensive dry riser maintenance service to public sector building s across the UK. If you need your dry riser system maintained, call our team now.