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Emergency Lighting For Large Commercial Buildings

By January 30, 2023No Comments

Emergency Lighting For Large Commercial Buildings

Emergency lighting is required in large commercial buildings because it helps people see their way out of a building safely if normal lighting was to fail. Emergency lighting is in place to allow a safe exit when the mains power fails due to a power cut, security risk or fire.

Current fire safety regulations requires that all occupied large commercial buildings must have adequate emergency escape lighting. It is required that this emergency lighting operates automatically. It must also give illumination of a minimum of one lux during an emergency evacuation.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we can not only install but also maintain your emergency lighting. We will ensure that your staff and visitors can safely find their way of out your commercial premises if there was to be an emergency or a power cut.

All of out emergency lighting installation and testing in large commercial buildings is carried out by our highly qualified engineers. The installations and maintenance if completed to the required standards set out in BS 5266 regulations. This give you the peace of mind that the emergency lighting in your large commercial building is maintained to the highest possible standards. All our works are full certified. This allows you to have the peace of mind that the emergency lighting in your large commercial building will not let you or those within your building down.

Emergency lighting with large commercial buildings is required in all escape routes, staircases and changes in levels. It is also required above all interior and exterior exit doors. You must have emergency lighting in kitchens and other high-hazard rooms. These include spaces such as plant rooms for example. Emergency lighting is also required in large open-plan offices withing large commercial buildings. These are the minimal requirements as required by the BS 5266 regulations.

There are various types of emergency lighting. These are divided into two main categories. The two categories are emergency escape lighting and standby emergency lighting. These types of emergency lighting include emergency escape lighting and standby lighting. They also include escape route lighting, open area lighting and high-risk task area lighting.

Do you have the right emergency lighting in place within your large commercial building? If you are unsure or would like to be reassured that you do, why not book a free fire safety assessment with our experienced fire safety experts?