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Emergency Lighting In Small Businesses

By November 25, 2022No Comments

Emergency Lighting In Small Businesses

Have you found yourself wondering if your small business needs emergency lighting? In the event of an emergency with your small business premises, a number of procedures need to be in place so those within the building can safely escape. One of these is emergency lighting. This should offer illumination for exits as well as emergency routes.

Imagine there was an emergency and your small business premises was plunged into darkness. How would you and those within the business leave? There would be a number of risks and dangers for those within the building, without adequate lighting. Having emergency lighting in your small business will help avoid these risks and dangers. This is because people will be able to see where the exits are and how to get to them. In turn, this will avoid those in the building having to inch their way through darkness in a dangerous or frightening situation.

As per The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 it is a statutory requirement that all businesses have emergency lighting. This is to allow and enable the safe efficient evacuation of all people within the building in case of an emergency.

Emergency lighting should be a vital part of a small business’s safety plan. Further to this, it is a legal requirement. The BS 5266 Emergency Lighting, the code of practice for emergency lighting states that every workplace should have suitable and sufficient emergency lighting. It also states that this emergency lighting should be provided and maintained in any room where a person works. This is specifically areas where they are exposed to danger in the event of standard, artificial light failing.

By having the right emergency lighting system install in your small business, you will ensure the safety and peace of mind of your business and your team. Emergency lighting will ensure the evacuation path is clearly lit and people will not be dangerously led out of your business premises in darkness.

There are different types of emergency lighting for small businesses. Our emergency lighting engineers can visit your small business premises and recommend the best emergency lighting for your need. This could include escape route lighting, high risk task area lighting and open area lighting, also known an anti-panic lighting.

It is important that the right emergency lighting system is established before it is installed. Call our emergency lighting experts to find out more.