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Emergency Lighting In The Public Sector

By September 11, 2022No Comments

Emergency Lighting In The Public Sector

Emergency lighting is essential in public sector building. It is also a legal requirement. Emergency lighting works by illuminating areas of the building and emergency exits. This helps to lead those within the building out of the building safely. These emergency lights need to remain on for at least one hour so people have the lighting they need to escape from the building and the emergency services can see where people may be trapped or need rescuing.

Once the power is restored to the public sector building, the emergency lighting will then be able to recharge. This will happen once the emergency has been resolved.

Emergency lighting is seen as a must-have for any public place including public sector buildings. It is a legal requirement for any building where people work. It is also a legal requirement for any building that is visited by the public. If something was to go wrong and there was to be a fire or other emergency, the emergency lighting should still work. This is even the case if the power has failed.

The emergency lighting is a vital part of your public sector building safety requirements. It is essential that you find an emergency lighting supplier that is experienced in the public sector. This will ensure that you get the best possible emergency lighting system for your needs.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have installed many emergency lighting solutions into buildings of all different sectors and industries. This includes the public sector. We have a solid reputation for being a trusted and reliable fire and safety solutions provider for public sector clients. We know budgets are tight and we will work with you to create the best emergency lighting system for your building and budget.

All of the emergency lighting that we install conforms to British Standards BS 5266. As with fire alarms, there are ongoing requirements and legislation changes to emergency lighting systems. We can help you keep on top of these changes and updates to ensure your lighting is in good working order. Our emergency lighting engineers will ensure that you feel reassured your emergency lighting will not let you down in case of a fire or other emergency.

Worried about the emergency lighting in your public sector building? Call our team of emergency lighting engineers now. We can check and test your emergency lighting for you, and make any repairs, installations or replacements that are required.