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Fire Safety

Enjoy Log Burners In Your Home Safely

By September 24, 2022October 14th, 2022No Comments

Enjoy Log Burners In Your Home Safely

Log burners have had quite the revival over the last few years. As the colder months and darker nights come round, many of us will be turning to our log burners for cosy and warm nights in. Despite some safety concerns, log burners are very much here to stay. So, in this blog post we want to look at how you can enjoy log burners in your home safely.

  • Log Burner Installation

When you purchase a log burner, you should ensure it is installed by a professional, just like you would with any other heating appliance within your home. This will ensure that the log burner is the correct size for your home. You can also rest assured that it is fitted currently and will meet any building regulations. You’ll also know that you, your family and your home will be safe when the log burner is in use.

  • Log Burner Maintenance

The way to ensure that your log burner stays in good working order is to ensure it is cleaned regularly. It’s important that your log burner is professionally and regularly maintained too. While it is dependent on how often you use your log burner, the ashpan should be cleaned out after every use. Further to this, it should be deep cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks, on average.

  • Using The Right Fuel

If you would like to improve the efficiency of your log burner, we recommend using more environmentally friendly fuel. It is important that you use dry logs too. By burning wet logs, they will release smoke that can contain harmful glassed and pollutants into your home. It’s important to feed your log burner regularly, instead of overfilling it.

  • Smoke Detector Installation

It is likely that you have a smoke detector and fire alarm in your home. However, a log burner does bring additional fire risks into your home. This is why some people choose to install additional smoke detectors and fire alarms in their home. This can further safeguard the home from a risk of fire and alert those in the home so they can safely evacuate the house. If you have monitored smoke alarms fitted, you will be given plenty of warming if the home was at any risk of fire.


Want to know more about enjoying log burners in your home safely, or smoke detector installation? Contact our fire safety team now.