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Fire Damper Maintenance In Education

By September 6, 2022No Comments

Fire Damper Maintenance In Education

Limiting or reducing the impact of a fire is important in every public building. However, this importance of fire protection is more important in educational settings such as schools, colleges, nurseries and universities.

For educational buildings that have heating, ventilation and air conditioning, there is an important piece of equipment that protects them in case of a fire. These are known as fire dampers, and they are specially designed for HVAC systems. Fire dampers in education buildings are passive fire protection products. They are used in ducts to help prevent the spread of fire through a building. These fire dampers work to prevent the spread of fire inside ductwork. This is done through fire-resistance rated walls and floors.

Fire dampers in education premises are designed to prevent a fire from being able to spread through the ductwork into all areas of the school, college or university. When there is a rise in temperature due to a fire, the fire damper closes. This will then stop the spread of hot air and smoke throughout the educational premises. Fire dampers are usually activated by a thermal element. This will then melt at the high temperature of the fire to indicate the presence of the fire.

Fire dampers play a crucial role in the fire safety systems of education buildings. However, this is only the case if the fire dampers are in good working order and well maintained. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Safety we provide fire damper maintenance in education buildings. This ensures that if there was a fire, the fire dampers would not let you down.

Our fire damper maintenance services in education premises keep the building, students and school staff members safe. Book your fire damper maintenance service now to ensure that your school, students and staff are safe in case of a fire. Our fire damper maintenance services are in accordance with BS 9999:2017. When you choose Jensen Security and Fire Safety, you’ll know you are in safe, experienced and specialist hands.