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Fire Door Installation In Small Businesses

By December 15, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Installation In Small Businesses

Fire doors can sometimes be seen as something of an inconvenience. This is especially the case when the sun is out and the office is warm, but the fire doors can’t be propped open. Or, when you have your arms full of documents and get stuck at the fire door as you have no spare hands to open it. It’s easy to see why people prop the fire doors open, even when they are not supposed to.

However, when it comes to fire door installation in small businesses, there is another way forward. We can ensure that the fire doors are installed the right way. This will make getting around the business easier, even when you have your hands full. But they will also still protect your small business in case of a fire.

The simple fact is that fire doors save lives. This is why fire door installation in small businesses is so important. In the event of a fire, your fire doors will provide you with protection. They will protect you against encroaching flames and smoke. This will give those within the building the opportunity to safely exit the business premises.

There are different ratings for fire doors. Before we complete the fire door installation in your small business, we will help ensure you have the right fire doors for your needs. For example, fire doors are rated either FD30 or FD60. An FD30 fire door installed correctly will offer 30 minutes of protection. Meanwhile, an FD60 fire door will offer up to 60 minutes protection.

FD60 fire doors are more common in larger, multi-occupancy buildings where more time is required or people to reach safety. In small businesses and their premises FD30 fire door installation is more common.

Your small business may require fire door installation of internal and external fire doors. The internal fire doors are the ones that slow down the spread of fire. Meanwhile, the external fire doors, aren’t really fire doors. This is because they do not need to be fire resistant. Instead, they just require a push handle on the door. This offers quick and easy exit for those within the building need to leave in case of an emergency.

When having fire door installation work completed in your small business, you need to ensure the fire door installers are experienced and trusted. The slightest gap or crack around a fire door can result in the door not offering protection from fire.

If you are looking for a professional, experienced and trusted fire door installation company for your small business, call us now.