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Fire Door Maintenance In Education

By August 21, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Maintenance In Education

There is a lot of foot traffic and rough handing of fire doors inside schools and colleges as students and teachers run from one place to the next. With the sheer volume of traffic flowing through classrooms, corridors and fore doors each day, damage is inevitable. This is why fire door maintenance in education settings is so important.

The fire and student safety should be of paramount importance in your school, college or university. Damaged fire door sets need to be regularly checked. If fire door maintenance in your education facility is required, this needs to be done quickly. If left, the fire door could become more damaged and could then be more costly to repair. A fire could also occur before you call the professionals to repair or maintain the fire door. This could lead to a disastrous impact on the school, your students and teachers.

It’s important to note that any slight alteration to the fire door itself or the surround of the fire door could negatively impact on the performance of the fire door. This is why we recommend regular visual inspections by a competent person in your team. If any damage is spotted during these in-house visual inspections, just call in our fire door maintenance specialists.

We can then arrange an annual fire door maintenance visit to your education facility. If more regular visits are needed, this can be arranged. Our meticulous annual fire door maintenance inspections can save you from hefty fines or severe penalties. You’ll also be left knowing that your fire doors are safe and in good working order.

When we complete fire door installations, checks or fire door maintenance we will attach a sticker to the fire door. This will state the day and date that we attended along with our logo. This will show your students, staff and students’ parents that your education facility is serious about fire safety.

When was the last time your fire doors were professionally checked? Were the hingers, push bars, handles and seals checked too? What about the fire door frames? If you are not sure of the last time your fire doors were checked and maintained, call our fire safety team now.