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Fire Door Maintenance In Healthcare

By April 20, 2022No Comments

Fire Door Maintenance In Healthcare

Fire doors are critical fire safety features in all buildings. This is even more so in the case of hospitals and healthcare buildings. A well installed fire door will provide a barrier from life-threating smoke and fire. They also provide vital time for a safe evacuation of threatened areas of the healthcare facility or hospital.

There is a lot of heavy duty use on fire doors in hospitals. This is because they are busy buildings. You will often find fire doors for entrances and exits, along passageways, into different wards and more. All of these doors are regularly used by staff, patients, suppliers and visitors. In cases of emergency, these doors can be rough handled. Over a period of time, they can become damaged from frequent and rough use.

This is why fire door maintenance is so essential in hospitals and other busy healthcare facilities.

Regular fire door maintenance checks should be completed by the ‘responsible persons’ of the building. Fire doors in corridors and within busy routes should be checked weekly. Main entrance and exit fire doors should be checked for maintenance on a monthly basis. Those fire doors in quitter areas such as plant rooms and office doors will just ned to be checked annually.

It is always recommended that healthcare fire doors are installed by a professional, and maintained by a professional too. A fire door is vital to the safety and protection of people within the building, some of these people may be elderly, frail, ill or bedridden. Well maintained fire doors are essential. The seals of the doors must be in the best possible condition, there must be no gaps around the doors, and they must be easy to clean. If you notice any of these issues with your fire doors, then we can maintain the for you.

Our team offer a healthcare fire door maintenance service where we check your fire doors to ensure they are in good condition. If we notice any issues, we will alert you of these. We can then arrange a time to maintain or replace the fore doors for you.

Concerned about any of the fire doors within your healthcare facility? Call our team now.