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Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Industrial Buildings

Fire Proofing Compartmentation In Industrial Buildings

One of the fundamentals when it comes to passive fire protection in industrial buildings is fire proofing compartmentalisation. This is done to limit and reduce the spread of fire and smoke within a building. Through industrial fire proofing compartmentation works, the building is divided into several smaller sections. This helps to confine the fire if it was declared in one area only. The benefit of fire proofing compartmentation in industrial buildings is that it will give additional time for people within the building to evacuate safely.

To ensure the most effective industrial fire proofing compartmentation the partitioning, walls and floors of the building must have a fire-resistance degree. These compartments must be equipped and overlapped by multiple elements. These include things like doors, hatches, partitions, plastic, cables, metal tubes and so on. It is important that fire proofing caulk surrounds these elements. This must be of a fire-resistance degree that is at least equal to the fire-resistance degree of the building.

Flames, heat and smoke have a formidable propagation capacity. This means that they can be very difficult to control. The purpose of fire proofing compartmentalisation is to stop the progression of the flames, heat and smoke. This is done via the passive fire solutions. These are installed and adapted to comply with fire safety regulations.

By ensuring effective fire proofing compartmentalisation in your industrial building, it means that the passing of smoke, heat or fire from one room to another will be contained for a selected period of time.

Here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems we have a team of professional fire proofing compartmentation specialists. If you would like to know any more about passive fire protection in your business, get in touch with a member of our team. We will happily answer any questions you have or visit your industrial business for a free fire proofing compartmentation review.