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Industrial Fire Safety And Security

Fire Safety And Security Solutions For Industrial Buildings

By March 25, 2023No Comments

Fire Safety And Security Solutions For Industrial Buildings

If you are looking for security solutions and fire safety systems for your industrial business, then you have come to the right place. Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we offer an excellent range of products, services and advice to keep your factory or industrial business as safe as possible, no matter the emergency.

We have an experienced team of industrial fire safety and security experts, ready and able to help secure your factory or warehouse. Our experts have many years of experience helping businesses just like yours protect staff, customers, suppliers and items within the building, as well as the building itself. They have seen examples of industrial buildings where fires can spread quickly, or criminal activity can take place. This has given them the knowledge and understanding to ensure your industrial building is protected if this was to happen to your business.

We offer a selection of fire safety and security solutions to industrial businesses. They all have the same aim though. This aim is to enable and empower productivity, and to shield your staff and those within the building from harm.

  • Industrial Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

We can supply you with industrial fire alarms and smoke detectors, no matter the size of your industrial unit. Our fire experts will complete an in-depth survey on your business to assess the layout of the building and the format of the business. We will then recommend the best and most effective fire alarms and smoke detectors for your needs. These will be within your budget. Our team will then install the fire protection systems at a time of your choice. This will be a time that suits the needs of your business.

  • Security Systems

Our security professionals can design, create and install a sophisticated and robust security system that you can rely on. We will ensure that the system we create comes within budget as well as secures your facilities, assets and employees. Similarly, to our fire safety systems in industrial buildings, we will complete a full assessment of your business. We will then recommend the best places and levels of security solutions to protect your business. This could include intruder alarms, video entry systems, CCTV surveillance and more. We will recommend that security solutions that are best for your business protection needs.


Here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems we offer a fully integrated fire alarm and security systems for your industrial business. This means that your entire site network can be protected. In turn, this will give you full peace of mind that your industrial business is protected. It will be protected from fire or security threats and risks.

Every industrial business is different, so call us now to discuss your fire and security system needs.