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Fire Safety

Fire Safety In Beauty Salons

By August 30, 2022No Comments

Fire Safety In Beauty Salons

Just like other commercial properties, hair and beauty salons have a legal responsibility. This legal responsibility is to ensure that their clients, staff and suppliers are protected from the risk of fire. Fire safety is often simple in beauty salons because they are small in size. However, due to the amount of electrical equipment in constant use throughout the salon, they are classed as medium risk commercial premises when it comes to fire safety.

Fire safety in beauty salons is really important. As a salon owner, you need to ensure that all electrical equipment is PAT tested. This includes things like hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons. As well as kettles, waxing machines, toasters and more. PAT testing means that your electrical equipment is in good working order and not at risk of short-circuiting.

As with other commercial businesses, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the correct type and number of fire extinguishers are within the salon. The general rule of thumb is 2 fire extinguishers on each floor of the salon. These should be a foam or water extinguisher and a CO2 extinguisher. The foam or water fire extinguisher can be used on carbonaceous fires that have been caused by paper or fabrics for example. If you have an electrical fire, then you need to use the CO2 fire extinguisher.

A fire risk assessment needs to be completed on an annual basis. It is also recommended when the layout of the building changes or additions are made to the premises. Fire safety signs in beauty salons should be highly visible and on all fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire assembly points.

Your fire extinguishers need to be checked on an annual basis by a professional. This check will ensure that there has been no accidental damage to the extinguishers and that they are still in good working order. During your fire extinguisher test our fire extinguisher engineers will test all equipment. If repairs or replacements are required, they will let you know.

Not sure if you are meeting fire safety requirements in your hair or beauty salon? Call our team now to book a fire safety review. Alternatively, if you are due a fire extinguisher check, call us to book yours and have your extinguishers checked.