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Four Fantastic Benefits Of CCTV Systems For Businesses

By March 10, 2021No Comments

Four Fantastic Benefits Of CCTV Systems For Businesses

CCTV surveillance cameras are often used by businesses for security purposes. They may also be in place because it has been stipulated by an insurance company that they are required. However, there are many benefits to have CCTV systems for businesses. In this blog post we share just four of the many benefits.

  1. Identify Who’s On Site

By having CCTV cameras in place throughout the business, including the entry points can help you keep track of who is entering and leaving your business premises. You can use the time stamps on the footage to keep records of entry and exit patterns. This may help you see any patterns of unusual behaviour or know who was on site when there was a break-in or crime committed at your business.

  1. Deter Criminals

The security cameras can be seen by people as they arrive at your business. These security cameras can work as a really effective deterrent to potential criminals. If someone has negative intentions and wants to commit a crime, often, just seeing the security camera can be enough to put them off. Thus, leaving your business and property untouched.

  1. Monitor Activity

CCTV systems for businesses can work to protect the safety of lone workers during quieter periods. It also enables you to monitor the activities of your team, visitors and contractors. This gives people entering your business the peace of mind that they are protected. It also means if you notice something that is not being done safely, you can inform the person immediately to avoid injury. Some people use their CCTV cameras to keep a record of goods deliveries too.

  1. Crime Detection

If you are looking to provide good quality evidence of criminal activity to the police, CCTV cameras will be extremely useful. The police can use your high-quality CCTV surveillance footage to identify those involved in any unlawful activity on your business premises. The evidence can also be used for insurance purposes too.


Choosing The Right CCTV System For Your Business

Whether you would like CCTV cameras to identify criminals or just as a surveillance tool, there are different systems to choose from. For example, you may opt for an analog system. This sends images via cabling to a DVR (digital video recorder). This is then stored on a hard drive. If you have a modern DVR you can assess this footage remotely, from wherever you are.

There is also an IP surveillance camera, this is known as Internet Protocol and broadcasts over an IP network as a video stream. An IP system will often offer more flexibility as a network video recorder is used. This means that there is no need to convert the analog footage to digital.

Then, there is the hybrid system. This is a combination of both the analog and IP systems. If you’re not sure of the best CCTV security system for your business, call our business security specialists now.