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Access Control

How Access Control Makes Things Easier For Businesses

By February 17, 2023No Comments

How Access Control Makes Things Easier For Businesses

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we often talk about how our systems make things safer and more secure for businesses. However, we rarely talk about how things are made easier. Access control is an excellent example of this. Of course, access control will make your business safer and more secure. However, in this blog post we look at how access control makes things easier for businesses too.

The great thing about access control systems that are cloud based is that they will allow hold unlimited permissions and rules virtually. This will give you, the business owner, an enormous scope for how you control your building. It will also help you customise the individual security needs of your business too. In turn, this is how access control will make things easier for businesses like yours.

So, let’s look at some examples of how access control makes things easier for businesses.

  • Firstly, you will be able to limit the access to specific employees to particular areas of the business. This can also be done at certain times of the day and night. This can enable you to better secure and protect more vulnerable areas of your business, for example.
  • You will be able to establish and input multiple authentication factors for certain employees. For example, this could be employees with higher access needs.
  • The access control system can restrict access to certain areas for all or some of your employees. It could also be set up to restrict access for visitors and only allow access to employees for example.
  • One of the best ways that access control makes things easier for businesses is when people leave. You can deactivate an employee’s access code or revoke their access card. This can be done with ease and the whole system will not need to be replaced or changed.
  • We can help you synch your access control system directly with your HR database. This will help you stay on top of hours worked and when your employees have time off.

While access control systems will involve an initial installation and purchase cost, they should be considered as an investment. The access control system will make things easier for your business. It will also save you time, money and prevent the risk of numerous security breaches too.

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