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How CCTV Surveillance Helps Housing Associations

By June 25, 2023No Comments

How CCTV Surveillance Helps Housing Associations

As someone in the housing association sector you will be fully aware of the of ever-increasing statutory obligations put upon your organisation. These include things like improving the cleanliness, energy efficiency and safety of the property. This is for the benefit of those living in the property and those in the local area.

One of the most effective ways to better the security of your properties is with CCTV surveillance cameras. CCTV in social housing is reportedly one of the most effective ways to reduce anti-social behaviour. It also works to deter potential criminals. Not only will it reduce the nuisance behaviour. It will also give you the ability to deal with any nuisance behaviour or criminal activity quickly and effectively.

Just being seen to install CCTV in housing association properties can make a huge difference to everyone. The CCTV surveillance cameras will act as a deterrent to some. Meanwhile, it will give others peace of mind and reassurance that they are safe and protected.

In addition to the CCTV cameras throughout housing associations monitoring and recording daily going-ins, it can do so much more. The leading-edge technology within the modern-day CCTV cameras can automatically identify suspicious activity. Through the CCTV surveillance system, an alert can be sent to your security teams or the police.

There are high-end CCTV surveillance systems for housing associations that can spot untoward activities, the camera can zoom in to record facial details. In addition, it will count the number of people involved in the incident. It can then track their movements across other CCTV cameras in the system. This will help security teams and emergency services deal with the situation and those involved quicker and easier.

If you have tricky residents that are causing issues within the housing association, then CCTV gives you the evidence you need to gain a prosecution or help you evict these tenants.

Maybe you have had a recent spate of thefts and vandalism then CCTV cameras could be installed to focus on a particular area or place. Our CCTV surveillance specialists can install additional cameras to your security system as and when required. These could be installed to focus on set locations or new areas of concern for example.

If you need help planning out your CCTV cameras, internally and externally, then call our team. Our CCTV specialists will visit your location and talk to you to understand your concerns. Based on this, they will recommend where and how many CCTV cameras are needed to better protect your property and your residents.