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How Intruder Alarms Work In Industrial Facilities

By April 20, 2023No Comments

How Intruder Alarms Work In Industrial Facilities

Before installing an intruder alarm into your industrial building, it is important that a site survey is conducted. This will help ensure that that the specific needs of the site are understood. It also means that the industrial buildings will be protected by intruder alarms in the right areas and locations that need that extra level of protection and security.

Here at Jensen Fire and Security Systems we have a team of experienced industrial intruder alarms experts. They will complete the intruder alarm site survey for you. The intruder alarm site survey will include many factors and considerations. This will be things like the perimeters, building access requirements and internal areas where extra security and protection is needed. Areas that require open and restricted access will also be looked at. This will ensure that the right level and type of access control system is designed and installed in your industrial business.

There are lots of potential key challenges which industrial facilities can face when it comes to intruder alarms. This is why it is important that you choose a professional and reliable intruder alarm company that have experience in the industrial sector.

For example, false alarms can be a major issue with intruder alarms. False alerts from intruder alarms can be costly and they are inconvenient. However, false alarms can be avoided by ensuring the alarm is installed and maintained by an approved and trusted intruder alarm company. Our industrial intruder alarm specialists will ensure your intruder alarm is correctly installed and maintained. In turn, this will mean that you can rely on it for the safety of your business and property.

Once an intruder alarm has been programmed and set, the intention is that the alert system is activated. The alert system could take various forms. It could be a silent signal to a response station for example. It could also be an audible alarm that will deter entry if an intruder was trying to enter the building and has no authority. Our intruder alarm specialists will discuss the best intruder alarm for your industrial premises.

There are also additional features and systems that we can add on to your intruder alarm systems. These will offer additional protection for your business. These additional components include things like PIR motion sensors and dual tech motion sensors. You could also opt for sequential motion sensors, door contacts and external sirens.

Contact our intruder alarm experts now to discuss the best intruder alarm systems and features for your needs. We can complete a free site survey and give you a free, no obligation quote too.