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How To Improve The Night Vision Of Security Cameras

By October 31, 2023No Comments

How To Improve The Night Vision Of Security Cameras

Burglars, thieves and criminals prefer to work under the cover of darkness. This makes them feel like they can be unseen in the dark of night. In addition, they think it means they won’t get caught. This is why night vision security cameras are so important. It’s all well and good having a high-end CCTV camera installed, but if you can’t see what’s being recorded at night time, or when it’s dark – you lose the benefit of security in for your property in this way.

If you are ready to improve the night vision of your security cameras, then this is the blog post for you. While it is trickier than you might imagine enhancing the night vision of your CCTV surveillance, it is possible with these tips.

  • Optimise The Visible Light

Visible lighting can play a huge part in improving the night vision and efficiency of your CCTV camera. Whether it’s soft ambient garden in the nearby garden, a street light or a well-planned lighting system. These will all help to reduce the dark spots, in turn giving you a clear, more detailed image in case of criminal activity. LED lights in the area that your cameras record is highly recommended.

  • Utilise Infrared Lighting Sources

Adding external infrared lighting to your CCTV cameras will greatly increase their night vision capabilities. You will see improved image clarity in all recordings. This will enable you to see details that you would need have seen previously as they would be hidden in the dark. It is important that the wavelength of your CCTV cameras matches the wavelength of your infrared lighting source. This is something our CCTV specialists can help you with.

  • Avoid Bright Lights

While we have said that lighting is important, you need to be careful with it. If you have an extremely bright light within the field of vision of your camera, this can be detrimental to the surveillance and recorded footage. Ensure that your CCTV surveillance cameras are strategically positioned away from the bright lights. This will help reduce the risk of poor visibility, glare or having areas hidden due to the bright light.


Do you need better night vision results from your security cameras? Call our team of CCTV surveillance specialists now. We can make recommendations of small tweaks you can make to improve visibility at night time. There may also be security cameras that are better suited to the security needs of your property.