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How To Improve Your Fire And Security Measures

By March 3, 2023No Comments

How To Improve Your Fire And Security Measures

As a building owner it is only normal that you want to ensure your building is as safe as possible for both occupants and visitors to the building. To ensure that your building is safe you need to make sure you have the right fire and security equipment in place.

In this blog post we look at different ways that you can improve your fire and security measures.

It’s important to note that a safe building will have clear policies and procedures that are laid out and will be followed in case of an emergency. To ensure you have good fire and security measures in your building, you should have a responsible person. This is the person that will deal with the fire and security measures of the business. They will ensure that the relevant team members have completed the appropriate training. The responsible person will also ensure all policies and procedures are followed effectively.

Having a high-end fire alarm system or security equipment is great. But, if nobody knows how to use it or check it, is it really worth having? You can improve your fire and security measures by showing members of your team what the security and fire equipment is. Talk to them about when it needs to be used and how to use it.

It will also be the role of your responsible person to ensure that all the fire safety and security equipment is well maintained and tested regularly. Make sure your responsible person has our details. This means that we can get your fire and security testing and maintenance booked in.

It’s worth remembering that your building with develop, change and evolve over time. This will happen in a number of ways. There may be additions to your building, new tenants or increased accessibility for example. All of these things will change your fire safety and security policies.

Even the smallest of changes can make a huge effect to the fire safety and security of your building. If you have any upcoming or recent changes, call our fire and security team. We can book you in a for a free site visit. We will then recommend any ways that you can improve your fire and security measures. These will help to better protect those occupants and visitors to your building.