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How To Protect Your Jewellery And Other Valuables

By December 23, 2022No Comments

How To Protect Your Jewellery And Other Valuables

If you store valuables or jewellery in your home, you need to keep their security in mind. Storing expensive jewellery and other high value items such as passports, money and collectables can make you and your home a victim of burglary. As a result, you should think carefully about the home security systems you have in place. As well as how you can better secure your home, jewellery and other valuables.

A report in The Mirror confirmed that around £750,000 worth of jewellery is stolen daily in the UK. Confirmed in an article in The Northern Echo when reporting on a break in in Hope Shields where a break-in for the theft of jewellery, cases like this are becoming more common.

Security cameras are a great of protecting your home. You can also use security cameras to protect your jewellery and other valuables in the rooms they are stored. This can be done by having additional CCTV cameras set up where the jewellery and other valuables are stored.

A robbery of a jewellery shop took place in Birmingham in March 2022. The robbery was completed by men in masks with exes. They rammed their can into the jewellery shop as a forced entrance. While the alarm was triggered, it was the CCTV cameras that really helpful. It was the CCTV footage captured that was used to track the car and find the dangerous criminals.

CCTV surveillance cameras and alarm systems can be a strong deterrent against potential opportunistic thieves. This is why both CCTV and alarm systems work well together to protect your jewellery and other valuables. The CCTV cameras just take it that one step further by giving you, the police and your insurance company the proof you need.

If you have a business that sells jewellery or you want to protect your jewellery at home, call our team. Our team of experienced home and business security experts we can help create the best possible security system. This will be a security system that suits your needs and meets your budget. We will help find the right security solution for you.