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How Video Analytics Improve Your CCTV System

By November 17, 2021No Comments

How Video Analytics Improve Your CCTV System

CCTV cameras are a great home and business security defence. They work to deter the potential criminal. They also work as proof if your home or business was to be entered illegally. However, there are ways that you can improve the overall effectiveness of your home or business CCTV system.

In this blog post we look at video analytics improve your CCTV system.

Video analytics have the technology to improve the overall effectiveness of your CCTV system. The CCTV cameras matched with video analytics can identify and detect intruders with ease. It will also track people and objects if you choose. Alarms can be issued on certain types of behaviour too. One example of this is detecting individuals loitering near the entrance of the business. This is an indication that a break-ion is likely to take place.

What is important to note about video streams is that they are monitored in near real-time. This means that an alert can be created immediately. Operators will be immediately signalled if a suspected security breach is about to take place. They can then continue to track and monitor the movement and follow the correct measures to resolve the issue.

There are two main types of video analytics that are commonly used. Both of these video analytics improve your CCTV system by attempting to determine unwanted or suspicious behaviour in the field of view from the CCTV camera.

These are the two commonly used video analytics you may be interested in for your home or business.

  • Fixed Algorithm Analytics

The fixed algorithm analytics are designed to look for a specific behaviour. This could be moving in the wrong direction in a one-way corridor, crossing a set line, moving an object, leaving a bag somewhere or loitering. When the CCTV camera spots these things, an alarm is triggered.

  • Artificial Intelligence Learning Algorithms

Once your CCTV cameras have been installed and connected to video analytics for several weeks, the system will begin to learn. It will learn what normal behaviour is. When unusual behaviour then takes place, during the day or night, the alarm will be triggered.


Video analytics can also improve your CCTV system by analysing historical date too. This can help you notice any specific incidents or patterns before previous crimes. Want to know more? Give our CCTV specialists a call.