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Intruder Alarms For Large Commercial Buildings

By February 10, 2023February 13th, 2023No Comments

Intruder Alarms For Large Commercial Buildings

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we tailor and create our intruder alarm systems for large commercial building to the requirements of the business. We know that every business is different, as is their required insurance coverage. Our intruder alarm installers take the time to get to your premises and business needs to recommend, design and install the right intruder alarm to protect your large commercial building.

To ensure we fully understand the grade of intruder alarm system needed in your large commercial building, our intruder alarm specialists will complete multiple inspections. This will include a risk assessment that will look at the total value of items within the business. They will also assess the content of the building.

A full risk assessment will be completed on the building too. This will look at the structure of the building and ease of entry. It will also look for any weak points within the structure of the building. The security system in place, along with location and break-in history will be considered in the assessment for the right intruder alarm for your larger commercial building too.

As a large commercial business, you cannot afford to be without an appropriate security system to protect your business. This should include a commercial intruder alarm to offer a better level of protection for your employees, your property, your stock and your assets. As a manager of a business, it is a fundamental requirement of your position and role.

Your intruder alarm within your large commercial building should be seen as your base point of security installations. It will mitigate and manage security risks for your business. Many businesses find an intruder alarm to be a security tool for their large commercial building that is both preventative and responsive. In fact, research by the Home Office found that 84% of intruders will avoid large commercial properties that have an intruder alarm in place.

Intruder alarms also work as a responsive measure if criminal activity or a break-in was to occur. Your intruder alarm system will include movement sensors. These will be triggered using infra-red light. If the light catches an intruder, the alarms will automatically sound. Your the contact of choice will be made aware of the intruder.

Intruder, or burglar alarms for large commercial properties are a visual deterrent for criminals. The sight of them makes potential intruders think twice as they known it will not be an easy break-in. Your intruder alarm will also act as a sounding alarm. The person of choice can be alerted if there was to be criminal activity or an intruder.

Do you have an intruder alarm system in place for your large commercial premises? If not, call our team now. We can help you choose the best intruder alarm system for the needs of your business. We will also help you decide which type of alarm system you need. You can choose from an bells only audible alarm or a remotely monitored intruder alarm system.

As a professional, experienced and NSI approved intruder alarm installer, you can rest assured that we will be competent in designing, installing and maintaining the right intruder alarm for your large commercial building.