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Intruder Alarms In Education

Schools are often seen as highly vulnerable. This is because organised and petty criminals see places of education as soft targets. After all, it’s a large sprawling site with lots of people in it. These sites are also left empty during evenings, weekends and during school holidays. This can make a school or educational facility a likely place for troublesome youths and gangs to hang out. A school can also be a target for vandals.

Through the installation of intruder alarms in education facilities, you will be helping to secure your school against trespasses on the school grounds. The intruder alarms in educational buildings will also help reduce the risk of unauthorised access to the educational buildings through forced entry.

Damage to a school or education property sadly is a very common occurrence. Arson still remains as the preferred way of creating serious damage. In some cases, this arson activity can make an education site unsuitable and unsafe for students. It can even cause disruption to the learning for pupils and school curriculum.

One of the many focal points of many schools is to get students prepared for the technology of the future. This means that a school will house a lot of technical and expensive equipment. This equipment includes items such as LCD flat screens, 3D printers, laptops, computers, projectors, digital whiteboards and more. If these items were to become damaged or stolen it would be an expensive issue to resolve. It would affect the learning of the students too.

School intruder alarms help to ensure that these high-tech pieces of equipment are always available for educational purposes. A good quality intruder alarm in education will prevent theft and vandalism. This is done by blocking access to a potential intruder out of hours or when the site is vacant.

Our education intruder alarm specialists can offer centralised monitoring services and intruder alarm installation that is approved by the police. This level of security will be an invaluable element to creating a truly safe place for students to learn, grow and develop.

We can also offer CCTV surveillance systems and fire alarm systems that are linked to your intruder alarm, to offer further safety and security to your educational facility, when it is in use or out of hours. These will be linked to approved monitoring services to allow and timely and appropriate response by the emergency services.

Want to know more about out intruder alarms for your education facility, schools, nursery, college, university or other similar? Call our team now. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer professional security and fire safety advice too.