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Is Fire Door Maintenance Needed In A Large Domestic Property?

By September 30, 2023No Comments

Is Fire Door Maintenance Needed In A Large Domestic Property?

Any fire door is only as good as it’s installation. If the fire door is professionally installed, you will be able to rely on it in case of a fire. However, if it is poorly installed, it will work as any other door. This means it won’t have the capabilities to slow down the spread of fire through a home. In addition to this, professional fire door maintenance for your large domestic home is essential too.

As with all the fire safety and security systems within your home, maintenance is essential. This way you know that if an emergency was to take place, your fire safety and security systems are in good working order. Fire door maintenance in your large domestic property is just as important as maintenance of all the other fire and security systems in your home.

It’s important that all safety equipment in the home should be checked on a regular basis. This means that it will function correctly if the time comes. Even if there are light modifications to the fire door or the area around it, the fire door will be affected. It will alter the performance of the fire door and its ability to protect your home from the spread of a fire.

Here at Jensen Security and Fire Systems we have many years of experience in fire door maintenance for large domestic properties. This means that we know fire doors in homes will suffer from some day-to-day wear and tear. That’s why our fire door maintenance service is so important for large domestic properties. We can check, service and maintain your fire doors. This will ensure that any damage hasn’t reduced the ability of the fire door to protect you home. If it has, then we can repair or replace the fire door for you.

Do you have fire doors in your home? When was the last time they were checked or maintained? If it was over a year ago then call our fire door maintenance team now. They can visit your property at a time of your choice. Our fire door maintenance specialists will ensure your large domestic property fire doors are in good working order.