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Business Security

Is Your Business At Risk Of A Break-In?

By October 14, 2020November 9th, 2020No Comments

With crimes to business premises on the rise, now is a good time to check you are doing all you can to reduce the risk of a break-in to your business. We have put together some top business security tips for you to follow. This will help prevent your business from being at risk.

  • Double check your locks. Are they tested to British Standards? If not, we would recommend you get your locks changed and upgraded.
  • Do all your windows have window locks fitted? Instead of just a window that closes, we would recommend installing locks to all downstairs windows.
  • If you have or take cash in your business what happens to it at the end of the day? We would recommend you remove all cash from the premises at the end of each day. A clear sign in the window that clearly states that no cash is left on the premises over night can also deter thieves.
  • Do you have tills on view from the window? If so, leave the till drawers open and empty at the end of the night when you lock up. This will show potential thieves that the tills are empty, and nothing is in them.
  • As you close the business at the end of the day remove all valuable items from the windows. This will discourage potential ‘smash and grab’ criminals from targeting your business.
  • If you use tablets, laptops, computers or smartphones in your business, make sure these are safely locked away at the end of each day. If they are left out on sight, you are just encouraging potential thieves.
  • We would recommend that you invest in a safe to store any valuable items at the end of each day. This safe could also be used to store staff member belongings throughout the day if there are internal theft concerns.
  • Consider installing an intruder alarm that can be set at the close of business each day. This will be set off if someone attempts to gain access to your business after hours. It will alert you of a break-in. It can also alert the local police if you choose.
  • Think about installing internal and external CCTV security cameras in and around your business. These will not only work as deterrents for potential thieves, but they will also work as evidence for the police and your insurance company.

If you are concerned your business is at risk of a break-in, we would recommend you call our team now. We can visit your business and recommend the best business security measures for you. We will do this based on the location of your business, your type of business and your budget.