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Keep Elderly Relatives Safe In Their Homes

By March 4, 2020No Comments

Keep Elderly Relatives Safe In Their Homes

Every year reports come out to say that people are living for longer. As people get older, they become frailer. However, older people don’t want to lose their independence and want to stay in their own homes for as long as they can. This can be worrying for people with elderly relatives. This is where we come in. We help keep elderly relatives safe in their homes with excellent home security.

Our high quality home security will help put your worries at ease as your elderly relatives will be safe in their homes.

Security lighting with a motion sensor is a great way of deterring thieves. Thieves like to work under the cover of darkness. If a light shines on them as they try to force entry they are likely to scarper. The lights coming on will also alert neighbours and they can keep an eye on your elderly relative and listen out for a potential break-in too.

A burglar alarm or home intruder alarm is a great way of protecting your home when you are out. However this isn’t as useful when someone is in the home. Educating your elderly parent about distraction burglaries and checking the ID of people that go to their home is a great way of keeping elderly relatives safe in their homes.

CCTV cameras are a really deterrent to potential thieves and often are something that potential thieves look for when considering which property to break-in to. You can get an app for your smartphone so you can keep an eye on the home of your elderly relative. It can trigger a notification to your phone when someone knocks at their door or similar.

The CCTV surveillance cameras will also capture the evidence needed if someone does attempt to break into their home, or a crime takes place. This can be given to the police to help catch the criminal and the proof can be shown in court.

You may want to consider personal alarms for your loved ones. While these are not something we supply, they are a great tool for elderly relatives who live alone. They can wear their personal alarms and then trigger them when they have a fall or similar.

If you are looking for ways to keep elderly relatives safe in their homes, then call our home security team to see how we can help.