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Keeping Your Business Secure During Lockdown 2

By November 11, 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments

Keeping Your Business Secure During Lockdown 2

As we enter lockdown 2 the government are encouraging us, once more, to work from home if we can work from home. Here at Jensen Security it is ‘business as normal’ as we are classed as key workers securing business premises like yours.

In this blog post we talk about how you should be keeping your business secure during lockdown 2. There will be reduced staff at your business, or no staff at all in some cases. This can leave the few staff members or the business very vulnerable.

Below we have listed some check we think you should make when it comes to keeping your business secure during lockdown 2.

CCTV Checks

Visibility is key when it comes to CCTV surveillance cameras. As the seasons change, your CCTV visibility will change too. Check what your cameras can see. Has a new light been installed that blocks the view of the camera? Maybe some trees or shrubs are now overgrown and blog the view of the camera over your business. Take the time to look at what your CCTV can view and make sure it’s clear.

Maintenance Checks

Walk round your property and check all the windows and doors. When they are fully closed do the locks work? Is there any wriggle room when the windows are closed? This could be used for someone to break into your business property. If you notice any issues with doors and windows, call in a locksmith to make repairs. Also check that the fences around your property and in good repair with no holes for easy access.

Intruder Alarm Checks

If you have intruder alarms in your business, make sure you check they work. If an intruder enters your building and the alarm is quiet or muffled, this will not deter your intruder. Carry out a test to check that the sound is loud and clear. If possible, pop to local businesses and ask if they heard the alarm and let them know what it was or what to do if they hear it again. Your local business neighbours can then be an extra level of security for your business.

Contact Details Check

Check that all your contact details are up to date with your security company. If there was to be a break-in at your business, who should know. Check that people that have left the business are not still on this list. Also, double check you have the right contact numbers for people that need to know if there has been a burglary at the business.


If you are a business owner and have concerns about any of these points or would like to discuss them further; call our team. We would be only too happy to discuss your business security with you.