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Reasons To Replace Your Fire Alarm Devices

By January 8, 2020February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Reasons To Replace Your Fire Alarm Devices

Once your fire alarm devices are installed it just sits there keeping a watchful eye over your premises and protecting your business. As a diligent business owner you may hear the fire alarm once a week at fire alarm testing time. Apart from that, you might think all is fine and it will protect you and your business in case of a fire.

However, as many business owners and property managers forget, maintenance checks are still required on your fire alarm devices. These checks will help ensure that your fire alarm systems are working to optimum level. Your fire alarm maintenance checks should be an annual or bi-annual check. This will then ensure that your fire alarm devices will be in good working order if there was to be a fire in your business.

So what are the top reasons to replace your fire alarm devices?

  1. If the fire alarm is less than 10 years old we would recommend replacing the devices and components as these will still be widely available. In this case replacing the devices is a more cost effective option that upgrading your whole fire alarm system.
  2. When the device manufacturer still supports the hardware and the software, we would recommend replacing the fire alarm devices that are not working, instead of a new system. This is definitely the case if the necessary software upgrades are readily available.
  3. Some businesses will find that although the fire alarm devices are faulty, they are still under manufacturer and installer warranty. In cases like this, we would once again suggest replacing the fire alarm devices.
  4. If the costs of maintaining your fire alarm system are steady and there in no increase in repair call-outs, then the best option would be to repair your fire alarm devices, instead of replacing or upgrading your system.
  5. We would definitely recommend just replacing fire alarm devices instead of a full scale upgrade if the alarm is reliable and there are no random false activations.
  6. If there have been no extensive building works to your business premises and no redesign of your fire alarm system is required, again we would recommend just replacing the offending fire alarm devices.

However, if you have read something above that rings alarm bells (excuse the pun) and you have concerns, call our fire safety team.