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Reducing Business Burglaries

By August 25, 2021No Comments

Reducing Business Burglaries

Research shows that there is around one burglary every 12 seconds on average. Many of these burglaries take place on businesses just like yours. The best deterrent for a burglar is a business security system. This will help in the fight against reducing business burglaries.

The sight of the business security system will deter the potential thief. However, the electronic surveillance will also reduce insurance costs. It will also give the authorities the proof they need if a crime was to take place.

With the latest business security systems, you can have video surveillance monitoring. This means that you can check in on your business from anywhere at any time. You can set up instant remote notifications too, so if suspicious activity is taking place, you will be alerted. You can even have remote access control to areas of your business, offering an extra layer of security.

Research shows that 60% of commercial burglary attempts take place after hours, where there are no employees within the business. However, when you have a high-quality business security system, it’s like you have your very own security guard keeping an eye on your business and that’s you or your senior management team, by popping on their phones.

A business insurer recently reported that around 80% of thefts to businesses happened at organisations where there were 100 or fewer employees. More than half of these commercial burglaries tool place on businesses that had 25 of less employees working for the business. Perhaps more worrying is that 58% of these businesses surveyed recovered none of their losses.

Smaller businesses will often lose more on their theft as they have inefficient security. Previously high-quality business security has been out of financial reach for small business owners. This is no longer the case. Business security solutions are becoming more affordable so more small business owners are able to protect their small businesses.

Our business security experts are here to help you in the fight of reducing business burglaries. As a family business ourselves, we know how much hard work goes into creating a building a business. We are here to help you secure your business.