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Securing Your Business Premises To Protect Against Crime

By July 8, 2020July 13th, 2020No Comments

Securing Your Business Premises To Protect Against Crime

It is essential that you are properly securing your business premises to protect against crime. By carrying out a business premises security survey you will be able to best assess the security risks of your business and business premises.

When you understand the main security risks to your business you’ll be able to select the right security measures to protect your business against crime. Here at Jensen Security we can complete this business premises security survey for you if you would prefer to call in the experts instead of completing this survey yourself.

The basic idea of securing your business premises to protect against crime is to find ways that will delay or deter a potential intruder. By having the right security measures in place you can reduce the risk of potential criminals seeing your business premise as an easy target.

Security Measures to Secure Your Business Premises to Protect Against Crime

Below we have outlines some of the more popular and effective security measures that will help to protect your business;

  • Access Points – think about how criminals could gain access to your business and improve these areas. Strengthen then doors, put locks on windows and install security shutters if suitable to your business and location.
  • The Perimeter – what is the area around your business like? Check gates and fences are not damaged. You may want to consider anti-climb paint as an additional deterrent.
  • Control Access – who has access to your business? Think about ways to log who has access to the building and the last person in the building. One thing that is often forgotten is the return of keys when people leave the business – how are you logging that?
  • Lighting – are there areas of your business or premises that are dark areas? Why not install motion lighting that will come on when people enter than area?
  • Intruder Alarms – as well as improving the strength in the places where intruders can gain entry, install intruder alarms. These alarms can then go off if a point of entry is forced open by a criminal.
  • CCTV Cameras – CCTV surveillance cameras are proven to be a successful business security solution. They deter potential criminals, but also catch ‘braver’ criminals in the act. CCTV gives the police the proof they need to support them in catching the criminals.

When considering ways of securing your business premises to protect against crime you need to make sure the measures are legal, appropriate, realistic and cost effective. Here at Jensen Security we can help create the best business security solution for your business premises.