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The Benefits Of Fire Alarm Maintenance

By January 12, 2022No Comments

False alarms and a lack of fire alarm maintenance are two things that go hand in hand. It is essential for good fire safety that your fire system equipment is regularly cleaned, checked and maintained. This will help ensure that if there was a fire, people in the building would know. It would also help ensure that the alarm only sounds when there is a true danger.

Having a good fire alarm maintenance plan in place directly relates to how well your fire protection system performs. Dependent on the type of fire alarm system you have installed, it can be checked, inspected and maintained on a quarterly or annual basis. We would always recommend an annual fire alarm maintenance visit at least.

There are two main benefits of fire alarm maintenance. Firstly, increased protection of your property and employees. Secondly reduced repair costs. Below, we look into more details of these two main benefits of fire alarm systems.

Benefit One: Increased Protection Of Your Property & Employees

Fire alarm maintenance is essential for keeping your property safe in case of a fire. It will also keep those in the building safe too. This could include employees, visitors, customers or suppliers for example. We have seen many examples where dust, dirt and other particles can cause problems with smoke detectors. One of the benefits of fire alarm maintenance is that this dirt, dust and debris are cleared away. This will ensure that you have a fire alarm system that functions properly. A well maintained and clean fire alarm system will also provide you with peace of mind. It will also give you security and safety.

Benefit Two: Reduced Repair Costs

As with all things in life, the longer a damaged or faulty item is left, the worse it will get. When your fire alarm system is in good working order the costs related to emergency repairs and false alarms are reduced. While annual fire alarm maintenance services may seem like an extra cost, they can actually save you money in the long term. Faults will be found sooner, so they can be repaired sooner, before they become more faulty and more expensive to repair. A properly maintained fire alarm system can last for many years, with only a few minor adjustments and equipment additions to keep it up to date.


If you want to keep your staff and business premises safe, make sure you benefit from a regular fire alarm maintenance service. This will save you money and save you the hassle of dealing with faulty alarms and emergency call outs.